Get to Know Skillshot FX: Cabinet Buttons and Controls

Whatever you do, don’t press that button. It’s a trope that’s spanned pop culture for generations—and the real world, too. And while Skillshot FX doesn't have a big red button calling your name, it does have a few other color-changing, shiny buttons you might have the urge to push. 

Fear not, press away - just school up here first so you know what you're getting yourself into:

Skillshot FX Buttons

    1. Navigation Panel - These controls allow you navigate menus, adjust game volume, and change the camera angle.
    2. Special (Left), Nudge (Right) - The Special button activates special features in the different tables (it may require you to unlock achievements). The Nudge button will simulate nudging the table. Use sparingly, too much tilt will negatively affect your game.
    3. Power - To make the game go to sleep, press the Power button briefly. To completely power down the game press and hold the Power button.
    4. Launch - Launches the ball, naturally.
    5. Flippers (Left and Right) - Featuring arcade original buttons, flipper controls get the most action on your Skillshot FX - coupled with real-time haptics, for a real pinball feel.
    6. 8 Different Cabinet Modes - This button can be used to cycle through 8 different lighting and haptic settings. The first 6 modes change the color of the speaker and undercabinet LED lights (multi-color, static red, static blue, static white, white with yellow flashes, or magenta with white flashes). The 7th mode keeps the ambient color cycle on, but turns the haptics off, and the 8th mode goes completely quiet - turning off all LED lights and all haptic feedback.

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