About Skillshot FX

How big is Skillshot FX Digital Pinball?

Assembled Dimensions of 55” Skillshot FX: 30.5”W x 62”D x 79”H Weight: 270 lbs.

Includes a 55” full HD playfield display monitor, with 32” full HD back glass monitor. No messing around.

What is it made out of?

Skillshot FX digital pinball cabinets are proudly built in the Midwest, crafted with thermo-infused laminate, acrylic, and engineered wood, including a 55” full HD playfield display monitor, with 32” full HD back glass monitor, built-in computer and wireless mini-keyboard.

How many games are included on Skillshot FX?

Skillshot FX includes 96 unique pinball tables, powered by Pinball FX3 by Zen Studios, including William’s Pinball classics modeled after the original designs, Star Wars, Marvel, Universal, Fox, Bethesda, and more! Take a look at the full list here.

Shipping + Delivery

Does my Skillshot FX come assembled?

Mostly. The most complicated portion, which contains all the fun, is preassembled. The base platform is assembled by you. Tools required include a screwdriver with phillips head bit. The main cabinet then needs to be lifted onto the base platform (requires 2 people) and finally the backglass can be lifted into place and secured with supplied hardware.

Why is this cool keyboard included with my Skillshot FX?

Although the majority of your interaction with the Skillshot FX can be managed by using the menu navigation panel, there are a few setup items (like connecting to your home WiFi and creating your Steam account) that are just easier with a keyboard. The keyboard also has a built-in touchpad that works just like a touchpad on a laptop for easy point and click navigation.

Set Up + Play

How long will it take to set up, ready to play?

40 minutes to assemble the cabinet. 20 minutes to create Steam account and enter wallet codes to unlock your full content experience.

Do I need to have an internet connection?

YES! An internet connection is required for initial setup and Steam account creation. After that, you can play offline, but online leaderboard, tournaments, and software updates will require an ongoing internet connection.

What is a Steam account? And how do I get one?

Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation in 2003 for the express purpose of distributing game software, hosting multiplayer functionality, and social networking. It is similar to other digital content services such as iTunes or Google Play and is currently the world’s largest digital retailer for personal computer based video games. To utilize Steam, you must have a Steam account and the Steam game client, both of which are free.

Is it easy to move?

You can slide the game cabinet around on the smooth base platform base, but remember it is 270 lbs.

Can I adjust the volume? Or change the lighting?

Yes. Volume is easily adjusted using the dedicated volume buttons on the navigation panel. Multiple ambient lighting modes (including dark mode) and a “quiet” mode that disables the haptic feedback are selectable using the mode button on the front of the cabinet.

Where can I find tips, tricks, and table guides?

Community driven tips and discussion can be found here. Table guides can be found right in the software on the game. Easily pause the game using the navigation panel and select “Table guide” for detailed, animated descriptions of special features for each table.

How do I reset high scores?

You can’t reset online high scores, but if you want to clear out your local high scores you will need the supplied mini-keyboard. Pause the game using the back button on the navigation panel and select leaderboards. Then use the keyboard touchpanel or Ctrl keys to cycle through the leaderboards until you see “Local Highscores”. Press the “space” bar to reset these scores to default.

How can I clean my Skillshot FX?

Plastic Parts & Display Panel: Use a mild, foaming glass cleaner and soft microfiber towel to gently wipe down these areas. Acrylic plastic sheets have 17x the impact strength of glass, meaning, it takes a lot more force to shatter acrylic than glass. That being said, care should be taken when cleaning to prevent scratching the clear covering that protects the Skillshot FX playfield display. Do not set drinking glasses, mugs, tumblers, or any other hard objects on the unit that could scratch the surface.

Wood Surfaces: Use any good furniture polish and a soft microfiber towel to gently wipe down these surfaces. Try on an inconspicuous area first, if the polish does not react with the painted or wood surfaces, use on the rest of the wood surfaces.


What should I do if my back glass screen is not working?

There are a couple different solutions to try!

If the back glass screen is blank:

- Display Cable is not plugged in.

- Power cabinet is not plugged into power strip from backglass TV.

Refer to your manual to check either or both of these connection points.

If the "LifeStyle 77" logo is stuck on display on the back glass:

- It's possible your Pinball FX3 software is not running. To check, reboot the cabinet and re-launch Pinball FX3 from the startup menu.

- Have you entered the Cabinet Activation code? It is a seperate code included in your manual, similar to the codes to unlock each pinball table. This will activate the back glass if it hasn't been already.

- If neither of those work, check to make sure your cabinet wasn't "reset to default settings." See Page 19 in your manual for cabinet specific settings for Pinball FX3 and your Skillshot FX digital pinball cabinet.

Help! My buttons aren't working...

The cabinet's button assignment under "Controls" may have been changed or reset to defaults.

On the main screen, using your keyboard if needed, navigate to "Options," then "Controls."

Verify these settings.

Left flipper: Left Shift
Right flipper: Right Shift
Ball Launch: P
View Mode: S
Nudge forward: Space
Nudge to the left: Left Control
Nudge to the right: Right Control
Activate Wizard Power: X
WilliamsTM Pinball Visual Extras: Y
WilliamsTM Pinball Backbox View V

If anything is not as it should be above, change it by navigating into each control setting, and changing the command appropriately.

My game cabinet keeps switching to an advertisement...

Your Skillshot FX has demo mode enabled. This is a feature designed for our partners and retailers.

There is a “demo mode” switch inside the back of the cabinet, in the section behind the back glass. It is a black rocker, on/off switch on the left side. On activates demo mode. Off disables it. See here.

When you turn it on or off, hard power your Skillshot FX down and restart. Upon restarting, it should start in whatever mode you selected.

Why do my screen dimensions look off?

Not to worry! A setting may have been switched, it's an easy fix.

On the main navigation, go to "Options" and "Video."

Verify your screen settings are as follows:

Screen Resolution: 1080x1920
Display Mode: Full Screen
Gamma Correction: 50%
Vsync: On
Anti-aliasing: 8x MSAA
Reflection: On
Shadow Quality: High
Ball Trails: Off

The haptic feedback (my bumpers) aren't working...

You likely have silent mode enabled (perfect for that late night game when the rest of the family is asleep)!

Change the lighting and sound mode by pressing the mode button on the front of the cabinet.

My cabinet lights are not on or not working..

You likely have set your lighting mode to off.

Change the lighting and sound mode by pressing the mode button on the front of the cabinet.

How do I turn on my speaker lights?

You may simply have a loose connection. Make sure you plugged in the lights to the marquee on the back side of your cabinet (double check your marquee setup instructions).


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