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The Latest in In-Home Entertainment from the Makers of the Original Skee-Ball® Alley LEARN MORE

A (very) likely duo.

The arcade comes home with a modern twist on two original favorites. Introducing the ultimate bundle - Skee-Ball® Premium and Skillshot FX Digital Pinball. Designed, handcrafted, and pre-loaded with hours of fun for the whole family, together. After all, adults are really kids - just taller.

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Skillshot FX Features

- 55" full HD pinball playfield display monitor and 32” full HD backglass monitor

- Equipped with an arcade-quality sound system for full, interactive, all cabinet sound

- Authentic pinball launch and flipper buttons

- Real mechanical flipper feedback for a real deal pinball feel

- Haptic feedback to provide additional pinball realism

- Ambient, under cabinet and speaker LED “glow” lighting

- Modern, sleek cabinet design with Merapi wood grain finish

- Includes 96 unique pinball tables, powered by Pinball FX3 by Zen Studios

- Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, multiplayer matchups, tournaments, and more

- Includes a Windows 10 license

- Includes Steam Activation Codes to unlock all the features of the Pinball FX3 software

- 110V wall outlet

- 6-month warranty (plus an extended 6 months with product registration)

- For Indoor Use Only

- Made in the USA

- Free “Steam” Account and Internet Required for Setup

Skee-Ball® Premium Features

- (5) heavy 2.75" round, woodgrain balls

- Authentic 6mm-thick cork ramp for lasting durability

- Classic playfield with durable, rubber “hundo” targets

- Lit playfield target area

- Authentic Skee-Ball® carnival arcade sounds

- Color changing LED under-glow that coordinates to each player

- Digital LED pixel marquee display with colorful visuals

- 6 fun game modes that allow 1 to 6 players

- Ball collection and auto-return on the front

- Easy access volume and game control buttons on front

- Available in 3 cork options: coal, scarlet and indigo

- Runs on 110v wall outlet

- Made in the USA 

Designed for Your Home

Built with the same arcade original quality and attention to detail, in a footprint that fits in perfectly at home. A guaranteed favorite for everyone in the family.

Handbuilt in the Midwest

Each Skee-Ball® Premium and Skillshot FX is built from the ground up in the heart of the Midwest - each unit taking several weeks, passing through 10+ trustworthy hands.

As Always, Better Together

The perfect complement to one another, these home arcade games blend form with function, blending boasting a stunning merapi finish.

Just set up the game, the packaging was super easy, instructions are hilarious and we can't stop playing!


The Skillshot FX digital pinball is awesome. I love the haptics especially! Nice work!

Tyler Bushnell, CEO of Polycade ON SKILLSHOT FX


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