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Step-By-Step Guides: Skillshot FX

Get Your Skillshot FX Up, Running, and Ready to Play

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We know the feeling. It's like Christmas morning, there's excitement in the air, the joy is palpable. You break open the packaging of that ultimate gift (for you or for the family), only to come face-to-face with a 74 page manual. We aim to bring you a "Christmas morning joy" every day, but excellence does take time. You'll still get a physical product manual (only 20 pages), but our hope is these videos will make your ~60 minute set up more than just palatable - but enjoyable.

Set Up + Assembly

Powering On + Signing Up for Steam

Understanding the Navigation Buttons

Changing the Volume

What Are Haptics?

Adjusting Lighting + Haptics

Disabling Demo Mode

Cleaning Your Skillshot FX

Resetting Your Local Scores

Troubleshooting: Lighting

Troubleshooting: Backglass Art

Troubleshooting: Haptic Feedback

Troubleshooting: Screen Dimensions



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